About the project

The Tea Aficionados Project profiles the journey of “Tea People” from interviews and conversations with them.

The Tea Aficionados are “tea people” who have influenced the culture of tea. In their story lies the genesis of the evolution and globalization of tea. These are people who are creating a shifting of balances in the world of tea. Their relationship with the leaf is the driving force behind the evolution of the tea drinker and consequently the tea industry. They are the people who are making tea into a product with global appeal.

What brought them to tea, what keeps them going and how have they influenced the culture of tea? What are they creating to propel the tea industry to the next level. What future do they read in the tea leaves?

I am reminded of the story of the elephant and the six blindfolded men. All six men were allowed to touch a certain part of the elephant and then identify the object. Each man named an object based on the part of the elephant he touched. The man who touched the elephant’s leg said it was a tree trunk, the man who touched the elephant’s tail said it was a rope and so on….

…until someone came and removed the blindfold to reveal the elephant in its full majestic glory!

The Tea Aficionados – the removers of the blindfold so that we can experience the tea leaf in all its glory.

3 thoughts on “About the project

    • Glad you liked it. I had a very interesting time visiting and speaking to the Chief of the tribe. Hope you will follow and share with friends and acquaintances who are interested in “tea people”.
      The Teaficionados Project


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