Kevin Gascoyne


“The leaf of this humble Asian tree strengthens our systems and balances our processes, enhances our days with soothing and stimulation, and improves our lives through cure and invigoration. From the garden to the cup: the cultivator to the drinker, a cross-cultural world of tea-folk share this exceptional state of well-being.

Amita Virmani’s Tea Afficionados Project is an extensive and on-going series of interviews with tea people from all over the globe.  Through the words of planters, tasters, bloggers, brokers and more she explores the many facets and fascinating dynamics of tea in the modern world ”

Kevin Gascoyne

Tea Taster

Camelia Sinensis, Montreal

One thought on “Kevin Gascoyne

  1. It is nice to see the digital version because books have become difficult to carry and store Amita though they have their own charm.

    It excites me to wait for my turn on your blog as it always pays to be patient.


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