Food for The Soul & Body

This week I would like to share food for the soul and body.

In Dr. Steven Owyoung’s translation of the poetry from the C’a-Ching I find food for the soul. Reading the poem gives you an experience of how tea was approached. How important was each ingredient, each action and the spirit with which the tea maker approached the action of making tea. The poetry is imbued with a reverence for each element. I am transported to another realm as I read. When the reading is accompanied with a fine tea in an ambience such as Steven has created for himself in the ch’i-yuan it can only take you to realms hitherto not remotely experienced!

(For an even more sublime experience visit

From the sublime to the physical is a journey that is imperative. For it is the physical that can allow the experience of the sublime. Cynthia Gold gives us food for the body with her exotic recipes that use tea as a vital ingredient to enhance the dishes and cocktails she creates after experimenting with combinations, proportions and what have you. Cynthia to me is someone whose passion crosses boundaries and I cannot help but get drawn into the wonderland of cooking with tea.

Enjoy the feast!