Writing a blog on Tea….

Writing a blog on tea, I am discovering is like experiencing a great tea. Here’s how…

There are an array of teas to choose from (for my blog it is the people I have met and continue to meet).

Something at the subconscious level surfaces in a moment and I am attracted towards a particular tea. It could be a moment of feeling adventurous to try something new, or wanting the comfort of a tea well known to me. It may well be that I am open to the recommendation of a friend or an expert and in a state of allowing myself to be influenced. So it is with the people I meet. A tea aficionado I meet or talk with unravels an aspect of the tea business that resonates within and it brews, gathering momentum to turn into something  for presentation.

Just as it takes being in a relaxed focused space to experience a tea, the words of a tea aficionado have to be given the space to develop into a crisp share of their experience of being a tea aficionado.

The tea experience is the coming together of a number of factors. The ambience, the aroma, the taste, the subtle nuances, the accompanying accoutrements, the company or the quality of solitude. They all add to the final experience that settles into the sub conscious, only to resurface in that moment when you make a choice to relive the experience. It is a unique experience.

The link between the people I present in each post exists at a subtle level. It may, may not be evident. It maybe that it reveals itself gradually as you savour the words, the evolution process of becoming an aficionado. Either ways it is unique – just like a tea.

This blog is about an experience that knows no timelines or deadlines. The Tea Aficionaods have their moment of sharing their unique experience on a Tea Time(-line).

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