Goomtee, the tranquil Tea Estate in Kurseong, Darjeeling

More than a 100 years old, the Goomtee tea estate guest house sits on top of a hill, past the factory that has the year 1899 stamped in a vibrant blue. I am in a room with a view of rolling tea hills that fall away into the distance. I can see the Jungpana tea estate on the opposite hillside. Jungpana, the tea estate that is inaccessible by road. More on Jungpanna later. For now it is with Ashok Kumar the owner of Goomtee, whom I met in his home in Kolkatta after a stay in Goomtee.

The guest house with a view

The Guest House with a View of rolling hills of tea

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Dr. Steven Owyoung – Art Historian translating “Chajing”

Steven Owyoung

Art and tea have a strong connection for Steve Owyoung who is an art historian and in the midst of working on an annotated translation of Lu Yu’s Chajing, the first book devoted to tea. A drinker of fine artisanal teas, he is happy to pay the dear prices for the handcrafted leaf he drinks.

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